$99 Whole House Carpet Cleaning

Up To 2000 sq ft, deep clean included and deodorize.

Truck mounted steam cleaning

No hidden fees!

Furniture moving not included.


Tile And Grout Cleaning

We use our powerful truck mounted cleaning units to clean your tile and grout. We use a tile cleaning spinner tool that gives a Deep clean that no other method will. We make tile cleaning affordable to any budget.

$99 Couch And Loveseat Cleaning

We are trained to clean all types of fabrics, we use a gentle cleaning method that leaves your furniture looking and smelling like the day it was delivered. We only use family safe chemicals.

$75 Dryer Vent Cleaning

If your clothes are taking too long to dry your vents may be clogged and in need of a cleaning. We use the powerful suction of our cleaning units to extract all of the lint build up from the ducts.

Carpet Cleaning Tampa Fl

Benefits of Using Professional Tampa Carpet Cleaning Service, One of the biggest investments in your home is your carpeting. The biggest problems that many homeowners experience is being able to keep that carpet clean throughout the year. Dirt, allergens, and bacteria find their way into the carpet and hide in the fibers where your home vacuum has difficulty removing them. Contaminants fall in the carpet by way of the bottom of shoes, and become attached to the carpet fibers and act like small pieces of sandpaper each time someone else walks over that area. Over time the debris wears away at the integrity of the carpet fibers and you have areas that appear more worn than the rest. Our carpet cleaning Tampa FL professionals have over 18 years experience in this industry, and we can help you to preserve your carpet for many years to come.

The first thing that our well trained carpet specialists will do when they arrive at your home is treat the carpet with organic chemicals. This cleaning solution will loosen the bacteria and contaminants that are trapped deep in your carpet. Bacteria that remains in the carpet for long periods of time thrive in that dark and warm location, and can lead to mold growth if the situation is not addressed in a timely manner. Using our top quality hot water extraction equipment to separate the debris from the carpet makes it much easier for our high powered truck mount systems to then remove all that debris and the cleaning solution quickly and efficiently. This will leave your carpeting virtually dry to the touch in a short time, and give you back that clean looking and fresh smelling carpeting that you remember. We are Tampa's best choice for carpet cleaning because we take pride in every job we do. We have been providing exceptional service to your neighbors in the Tampa Bay area, so give us a call today and set up a free consultation with one of our carpet cleaning Tampa professionals.

Why we only use truck mounted cleaning units.

There are various reasons why we only use truck mounted carpet cleaning units which is a water-based hot water-extraction cleaning system. It is powerful and more effective when compared to the solvent based methods. There has been growing debate on the use of truck mounted carpet cleaning units with some people claiming that portable extractors are better which is false. The reasons why we use truck mounted cleaning units include;
They are Powered By Their Own Engine.Slide in trucks and van powered trucks are powered by the engine of the vehicle. The machine will supply the heat, pressure, cleaning solution and vacuum that will be needed to perform the cleaning operation. You therefore do not have to worry about finding a source of power when we want to perform the cleaning.
Easily Transferred The truck mounted systems can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another. This means that if you decide to buy a new vehicle or to change the vehicle that you are currently using you will not have any major hurdles. You can do it yourself and you do not need expert help. The trucks also consume a small amount of gas.
Cleans FasterTruck mounted cleaners are very popular and we love to use them because they clean very fast. You do not have to spend a lot of time cleaning carpets as you would when using portables. You can clean the carpet within a very short time.
Endless Water SupplyCompared to the portables, truck mounted cleaners have an almost endless water supply. You do not have to fill up the cleaner with water like you would with portables. This means that your carpets will be cleaned much better than when we use portables since the water is not rationed. You also do not have to carry an external water source since you already have the water. This make your carpet cleaning in Tampa a pleasant experience for all.

Qaulity cleaning at a great price.

Carpet Doctor offer the best carpet cleaning deals in Tampa Fl, Unfortunately, some homeowners are often forgetfull when it comes to their carpets. The average person will vacuum their flooring from time to time. Carpeting requires constant attention in order to remain fresh and new, though. Otherwise, wear and tear causes most carpets to look weathered within months. Regular attention can keep the floors looking like they were just laid for years to come. A homeowner shouldn't pass on the opportunity to make their home look incredible. 
A home's carpets should be vacuumed weekly for the best results. Throughout the week, people and pets track in immeasurable amounts of dust. Dirt and grime that settles into carpets for too long often proves difficult to remove. Regular vacuuming ensures this grime is removed before it can build up. Likewise, a homeowner should treat stains immediately and consider laying down protective mats. Carpets can last for years without showing wear when tended to properly.
Without a doubt, an individual should have their carpets cleaned every so often. Three to four carpet cleanings and shampoos per year are considered optimal. Such cleanings sanitize carpets and lift pesky stains right out of the material. In fact, a great carpet cleaning company can tackle even the dirtiest carpets. No homeowner should hesitate to hire a carpet cleaner. Such cleanings should be considered mandatory maintenance and preventative care for a home's carpet flooring.
Some people experience trouble finding quality Tampa carpet cleaning at a great price. However, plenty of great companies are available in your area today. The last thing a person should do is fail to properly maintain their carpets. Installing new carpet can cost thousands of dollars, so it's important to maintain the current flooring. In the end, carpets can last decades when cleaned regularly. Too many homeowners underestimate the power of constant vacuuming and occasional carpet cleanings..

Customer service is job one!

Professional carpet cleaning in Tampa Fl is more than making sure a job is completed to the customers liking. Providing exceptional customer service is a core value of a business that is evident in all the employees and the way they perform their jobs. Here are a few ways we ensure that above everything else, customer service is job one.

From the moment you place a call to our company, employees are waiting to help with all your cleaning needs. Whether you need a price quote, questions on a job we perform, or want to schedule a cleaning, our employees make certain to provide you exceptional customer service. Your questions are never a bother for our specialists, and if we can help you with a concern that you have, our team will work diligently to try and find you the answers.

When our Tampa carpet cleaning professionals arrive at your home, we will walk with you and help you to understand why certain conditions exist. We will provide you a fair estimate and schedule a cleaning that is convenient for you. Once you schedule a cleaning with one of our team specialists, we will make certain to arrive at the time agreed upon on your service contract. 

Our cleaning professionals will arrive at your home and prep the areas being cleaned to ensure no damage occurs to any of your belongings. We will work in a timely manner to make certain those areas are professionally cleaned, and then we will remove all of our equipment without leaving any mess behind. Your home will be professionally cleaned and will offer a guarantee that you will be satisfied with the service. We will strive to make certain we meet and exceed all of your expectations, and will follow up with you in the near future to ensure that the job that we performed was everything your expected it to be.

Highly trained cleaning technicians

One thing that many people think is that all cleaning technicians are the same. However, there is a big difference in what everyone can do and this goes beyond just the skills. Although there are many cleaning companies that can be found around, there are clear characteristics that set us apart from them. One of them is that we are highly trained cleaning technicians and nobody can beat that. If you take a look at what our regular clients say, you will notice that this is one of the factors that make our company to stand out from the rest.

Our clears are people who are taken through many steps of thorough training. They are not just the kind of people who are picked from the streets and taught a few basics about what they should do. Of course, this is what most of the companies do. However, we believe in giving real value to our clients and we know very well that this can only be possible if we invest in the right staff. You will be surprised the high level of qualifications that our cleaners need to attain before they are finally allowed to serve your clients in many ways.

The fact that we keep training them even when they are working is an indication that we are getting better every day. We know that the needs of our clients keep changing every day and so, unless we keep updating the skills of our workers, we will not give the best. This is the reason why we will not give you the same kind of services that you used to get several decades ago. If what you are looking for are technicians who perfectly understand what your needs are, you simply need to choose us because we are highly trained carpet cleaning Tampa technicians.


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Give us a call!

You may have questions and we would love to answer them, we are ready to take you call about anything. We gladly give spot cleaning advice right over the phone for free! When a spill happens it is good to get professional advise, because using the wrong chemical can make a spill a permanent spot.

Family Safe Cleaning

We only use safe cleaning products in your home. children and pets will be able to use the cleaned areas with no ill affect. We offer green cleaning for those who desire it and even our normal cleaning chemicals are 100 percent safe.The end result will be a perfectly cleaned carpet.

The many benefits of having your carpet cleaned by Carpet Doctor.

Most people underestimate the many benefits of having your Tampa carpet cleaned by a pro today. In fact, not all homeowners clean their carpets themselves enough. A carpet cleaning every few months offers a number of benefits for the home, the flooring, and the homeowner.

Cleanings can be completed within an hour or two at the average property. With that in mind, nobody should skip on this maintenance work. It's easily worth more than its cost. A typical carpet cleaning in Tampa Fl utilizes hot water extraction to clean carpets. During this process, heated water is sprayed into the carpet with added chemicals. The water, chemicals, and dirt are then immediately vacuumed up. Steam isn't used because it would damage most carpet flooring. In most cases, this method removes a large majority of stains, dirt, and grime contained within the carpet. A professional Tampa carpet cleaner knows how to maximize this process to remove the most dirt. Carpet cleaning comes with various benefits for a given property. For instance, dirt and grime are lifted out of the flooring. This includes built-up dirt that a vacuum can't remove.

An added shampooing sanitizes the carpets, removes stains, and makes the floor look new again. Plus, a cleaning will remove pesky pet hair to alleviate the allergies of residents. Cleaner carpets contain less dirt and allergens. The entire home looks renewed because of the cleaner carpets, too. In the end, only a professional should handle your home's carpet cleaning needs. The professionals will perform the most thorough job. All homeowners can reap the rewards and benefits of a regular cleaning. For most homes, a cleaning every three to four months provides the best results. Also, repeat customers might be able to save money with their cleaning company. No homeowner should pass on this opportunity to keep their home cleaned and freshened.

We beleive that a true carpet cleaning in Tampa Fl should be performed by a trained pro who has many years of experience and that is exactly what we have. We will alway do our best to exceed our customer expectations.